72" x 33"
96" x 44"
On a California road trip near the Sequoia National Park, the artist stopped to stay a single night. Overcome by the feeling of home, she stayed for several days instead, finding in that place a kinship to the land and those who lived there hundreds of years ago. In this ancient and sacred place, she photographed the physical traces of the native peoples, including the markings they left when grinding acorns and nuts to make flour. She also photographed the rushing river and powerful waterfall that flowed full of energy and life through this area, carrying with it the whispers of the ancestors whom one might just hear if one listens close enough. WHISPERS pays homage to these ancestors whose psychic and physical traces remain a part of the land and our history.

All efforts have been made to accurately display the colors of each art piece. Please note, individual computer monitors may display colors and tonal values differently.
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