48" x 63"
59" x 78"
One day walking in a bustling and hectic downtown Montreal, the artist happened upon a majestic and beautiful tree in the middle of a parking lot. It stood strong and silent amid the chaotic noises of car horns, sirens, and the angry voices of arguing construction workers. Unmoved by its changing surroundings, this tree had endured. It was a metaphor for the human ability to transcend the whims and circumstances of our environment by putting ourselves in a state of stillness. Like this tree, we might quietly and gracefully observe all that is around us, rather than existing in a frenzy of pure reaction. Stillness represents this idea and the artist’s experience that day. It combines many plants from around the world which she photographed in the Montreal botanical garden and assembled into a single tree, which is set against the background of a cityscape to symbolize the site of her original encounter.

All efforts have been made to accurately display the colors of each art piece. Please note, individual computer monitors may display colors and tonal values differently.
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