Celebrated artist Ysabel LeMay has gained international recognition for her hyper-collage panoramas. She uses a process that combines photographs to create the real world remixed to paradisal perfection, so vividly realized that one feels drawn to step into her immersive tableaux.

Since winning the New York KiptonART Rising Stars Program, LeMay’s work has seen more than 135 exhibitions around the globe and has been acquired for the corporate collections of Chevron, Bloomingdale’s, and Bacardi, and the permanent collections at the Museum of Photographic Arts and the Morris Museum. In 2013, LeMay participated in the Texas Biennial, and in 2015, she represented Texas at the fourth edition of Women to Watch in Washington, D.C.

In 2017, LeMay held a solo retrospective show at the Morris Museum in Morristown, New Jersey. In addition, she was commissioned by the U.S. Department of State’s Art in Embassies Program for the American Institute in Taiwan. She was a visiting instructor at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshop in New Mexico. Her work has been featured in several magazines.

Inspired by her world travels and work with shamans, her latest series launched in 2022. While her technique is high-tech, LeMay’s hyper collage process is instinctual and organic, allowing each piece to dictate its destiny. From a single, simple starting point — an image, a color, an emotion — she follows a meticulous process. After first isolating and extracting elements of her photos, LeMay then weaves them together into intricate compositions of resplendent beauty. LeMay has brought her hyper-collages to a place where they now serve as records of natural splendor perpetually in motion – as expressed by an artist who herself shows no interest in standing still.


The Other Art Fair: Presented by Saatchi Art
19 September 19
22 September 19
Tales From The Green Room
05 September 19
08 September 19
Night Vision – Winter Group Show
15 December 18
12 January 19
Digitally Natural: The Organic Art of Digital Collage
01 April 18
06 April 18
Ysabel LeMay: FLOURISH
02 June 18
11 June 18
AIPAD 2018 The Photography Show
04 April 18
08 April 18
Photo London 2018
17 May 18
20 May 18
Art Palm Beach
17 January 18
21 January 18
Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary
11 January 18
15 January 18
Art Toronto
27 October 17
30 October 17
Ysabel LeMay: Wonderful Other Worlds
17 September 17
03 December 17
International Art Show
09 November 17
12 November 17
Scope Miami Beach
05 December 17
10 December 17
Art Miami
05 December 17
10 December 17
AIPAD 2017 The Photography Show
29 March 17
02 April 17
Art Palm Beach
18 January 17
22 January 17
Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary
12 January 17
15 January 17
Art Miami
29 November 16
04 December 16
Art Toronto
28 October 16
31 October 16
Beauty and the Beast: The Animal in Photography
28 May 16
09 October 16
Art Southampton Southampton
07 July 16
11 July 16
Market Art + Design
07 July 16
10 July 16
Expo Chicago 2016
22 September 16
25 September 16
Texas Contemporary
29 September 16
02 October 16
Art New York
03 May 16
08 May 16
Photo London 2016
18 May 16
22 May 16
The Photography Show presented by AIPAD
14 April 16
17 April 16
Art Palm Beach
20 January 16
24 January 16
Art Miami
01 December 15
06 December 15
14 October 15
27 November 15
Expo Chicago
17 September 15
20 September 15
Market Art + Design
09 July 15
12 July 15
Organic Matters: Women to Watch 2015
05 June 15
13 September 15
AAF Hampstead 2015
11 June 15
14 June 15
Paris Photo Los Angeles 2015
01 May 15
03 May 15
Art Market San Francisco 2015
29 April 15
03 May 15
Spring Show 2015
23 April 15
29 May 15
AIPAD Photography Show 2015
16 April 15
19 April 15
10 April 15
03 July 15

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