Versailles Collection


The Artist  Collaboration Series with Ysabel LeMay is based more on period inspiration than literal Versailles references, hailing back to the times of Baroque and Rococo. To begin the collaboration we chose one of the original “art furniture” pieces in history, the flip-top table, as it was intended equally for function and   decoration .

‘The rococo period was a true high point in the history of art, design, culture and ideas. Just as the scientific community was making great steps forward in our collective under­ standing of our world, so did the artisans of the late Baroque era celebrate the rich and complex beauty of nature around them and they did so with unrestrained exuberance and fertility, yet exquisite discipline and craftsmanship. The aesthetics and philosophies  of that time inform my own practice of hyper-collage in a profound and vivid manner. While my tools may be digitally high-tech, the subject matter and spirit that animates me are purely organic the natural world itself.  That’s why I feel my work has found such an ideal platform in the furniture designs of Chad Jensen, who salutes the period while exploring the most modern techniques and materials. 

Ysabel LeMay, Visual Artist




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